Cyrus Centre

We partner with Cyrus Centre (a ministry to vulnerable, homeless youth and their families) by a. donating stuffs to 2 Thrifty Chicks Shopping Co. (an online second-hand store that donates its proceeds to Cyrus Centre) and b. by supplying meals to the Centre.  Contact Debby Visser to help out either way at 604-798-3311 or at [email protected]

You can also drop off any of these always needed items at the Centre anytime: toilet paper, garbage bags, dishwasher detergent pucks, liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap, pine sol or all purpose cleaner, plascit cutlery (esp. forks), disposable coffee cups and plates, stir stix, coffee whitener, butter or margarine, new t-shirts, pj pants (male and female), guy's boxer shorts, pads and tampons, towels, plastic containers to store food, gift cards for Tim Horton's or MacDonald's (in $6 amounts), gift cards for Save-On, Superstore, Costco, Safeway or Staples, financial donations.

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