Safety Protocols and Policies

Questions asked before attending youth events:

1. Does or has your household had a confirmed case of Covid-19?

2. Have you been outside of Canada within the last 14 days?

3. Do you have any cold or flu-like symptoms like a cough or fever?

No leader or student shall attend if they answer yes to any of these questions. Note: Proven and normal seasonal allergy symptoms where the individual does not exhibit other COVID-19 symptoms are free to attend. 

Everyone must maintain physical distancing, staying 2 meters (6 ft) apart at all times.

You must wear a mask unless physcially exempt. 

In the event that a student/s breaks physical distancing protocols/rules, parents are to be called and the individual/s are to be isolated until pick-up. If it is multiple occurrences, the gathering is to conclude and parents called.

Participants can bring their own food/required supplies. This includes blankets, snacks, drinks and any PPE that is required. If food is provided, it will be individually packaged and distributed by a person wearing a mask and gloves.

Attendance must be recorded.

Hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies will be supplied at event locations.