Throughout the year, we will have discipleship/teaching times that are geared towards students whom are looking to grow deeper in their faith in a different context then Thursday nights. Whether the topic is apologetics, leadership development, Bible studies etc. These times are important to incorporate to make sure youth that are looking to grow their faith in a different context have the opportunity. These will happen periodically throughout the year, usually on a Sunday morning seprate from the main worship service gathering. 

World religions series: Buddhism : Throughout the year, I would like to offer 3----3 week series, that will be on Sunday mornings during the service for the students. This series will look and learn about different world religions and explore how to defend Christianity from other worldviews. As well, during the series, my hope is to have week 2 as a time where we go offsite and visit the other religions place of worship. The idea is for the kids to see and experience first hand how others worship, ask questions and then come back to debrief the experience and see how Christianity differs, while equipping students in their own faith in the Gospel. Our first series will be on Sunday Nov. 21, Nov. 28 and Dec. 5 at 10:30am. Sunday, Nov. 28, we will be visiting a buddhist monastery in Chilliwack for a tour and q and a time...details to come.