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YOUNG ADULTS: We will be studying "Finances and Resources" (ie, career path, debt, wealth, tithing/giving, consumerism/materialism, contendness/idolatry, overindulgence). What does Scripture say about this?
Meeting at the Greggain's home (44492 Mclaren Drive) Monday, March 18th 7PM - 9PM. Coffee's on!


To recap from Monday, our theme was Resources/Finances. We had probed a few questions and then moved onto a commentary on finances from a biblical perspective. I asked everyone, if they could, to go on to and research anything financially related. It would be good to use our private time to read over an article so we can share some interesting points with the group next week. I listed some ideas below that may interest you + also some of the questions that came up. I've also linked the article we read. Enjoy!   Phil   March Theme   Resoures/Finances   Subtopics: -career path -debt -wealth -tithing/giving -consumerism/materialism -contendness/idolatry -overindulgence   Resources: