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YOUNG ADULTS Christmas Party! Monday, December 9th, 7 - 9 PM at Josh and Jen's house (44492 McLaren Drive). Gift Card Exchange! Bring a snack to share!

Remember! A $20 gift card or gift certificate, and make sure its gift wrapped in some way. We’re still going to do the “stealing” thing, but here’s the catch... The challenge of the gift card is going to be in being creative and innovative in the card you purchase for the exchange. So, there’s going to be a prize for whoever brings the “best, most innovative and original” gift card. If you bring the best gift card, you will win $20 cash. To judge who brings the “best” card, we will have an anonymous vote by everyone at the end. Whichever card gets the most votes, wins the cash. NOTE: if there are any duplicate cards (like two people both bring Starbucks gift cards for example), they cannot win the prize. SO... do your best to be creative. Bring something people will want... but be original so there are no duplicates. Should be a fun challenge!