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Welcome! If you are interested in learning more about our team and our plans to travel to San Quintin, Baja Mexico this coming July then you are in luck! Take some time rto explore this page and click on the links for an opportuity to get to know what this year's team will be doing. If you are looking to see how you might support the team / individual team members there ar several options at the bottom of this page that will walk through some simple steps to help you get involved. 


Who are we? We are a small group of people from Chilliwack that are excited about the opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters down in Mexico. We are a multigenerational collection of individuals that feel that this year is the right year to support the efforts of locally based One Life One Chance Ministries to provide homes and essential supplies to the migrant workers livng in the Baja region of Mexico. Want to watch some video of the previous year's trips? Or follow along as we prepare for our trip please follow our team Fb Page. 

This year there are 14 of us on the team:

Jeevin Bains, Tanner Biegel, Joshua Biegel, Kevin Biegel, Ramona Duerksen, Jeffrey Dekker, Jocelyn Dekker, Greg Duerksen, Janae Duerksen, Harv Esau, Riley Steegstra, Sheri King, Jayme Henshall, Donald Henshall


What are we doing? In San Quintin Mexico, One Life One Chance Ministries (FB page) has established strong relationships within the local churches. Their organization matches a team with a family so that throughout the week the team not only builds a home but also builds relationships with the family they are building for. San Quintin is the For McMurray of the north. Often these migrant workers travel up to this rich agricultral area so that they can make money and send money home to feed thier exteneded families elsewhere in Mexico. For many of these families, receiving a house like this is unimaginable and they weep with joy as they open the door for the first time. This is one of the practical ways that our team will be helpoig to provide relief for the immediate needs of families living in poverty. This will be the 6th time a team from our community that has built homes and established relationships with the people in this area.

Going down again gives us the opportunity to create another home, make new friends, and to connect with those families that we met on previous trips and to support them as they work diligently to provide for their familes.

We will also likley spend some time with those that are living and earning a living in the garbage dump. Some of our time will be spent in the "cuarterias". Often housing in the cuarterias is an apartment consiting of one small room. While parents work for long hours in local fields, their children are usually left in the cuarterias, not attending school. Many of these children don’t receive meals during the day, and children as young as five are forced to take care of their younger siblings. Some of the local pastors in the San Quintin Valley work in their communities to provide children with nourishing meals on a regular basis. Hosted inside Comedores (Dining halls) meals are served at the pastors’ churches or other buildings in their communities. OLOCM works alongside these pastors to help provide and serve meals to children who are in need.


When are we going? This year's trip is already confirmed and flights are booked for July 8- 16th.


Our destination is San Quintin,  a small community located in the Northern portion of the Mexican Baja Peninsula. We will be flying down to San Diego for the first day the staying over night before waking up and taking a 6 hour bus drive down to San Quintin. The team will be staying at a base of operations called Los Olivos located just south of San Quintin. All of our relief efforts, building and community work will take place within a 20 minute radius of the city. The past two years we have built homes in a small group of homes in a dry field that is called Nuevo Mundo (New World). It is likely that we will again continue to provide support to the members of this community by working alongside them to provide a safe, warm home.


Why travel all the way to Mexico? As a community of believers, Crossroads Community Church is trying to live our lives consistent
with these foundational Scriptures:

The Great Commandment
“ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ All the law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:37-40

The Great Commission
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20


Love God.      Love People.    

Share the hope that we have.

This is why we will go, we are all on this earth together and it is God's heart that we reach out and help those around us.

The Mexican people are the some of the most genuine, kind, generous and compassionate people that we have ever met! We are excited at the opportunity to be reunited with old friends, to make new ones, and to show our love for these poeple in practical ways. 

Give : 

As you know, traveling to Mexico, purchasing building supplies, and resources for our family and the people and the people of San Quintin carries with it cost. Our team members are each required to raise the monies to cover their own travel and expenses. Changes in the our dollar, inflation and travel cost increases means that this year team members will each be required to raise over $2000 pp.

If you feel that you would like to support a team member there is an easy way for you to do that here on our website.

How to gift money to a team member online:

1 ) Click on the blue 'give' button located at the top of this page

2) 5 Rows down you will see a line that says 'Giving Type' Click on the down arrow.

3) Choose from the available options. If you are choosing to give to an individual team member click on Mexico 2017 Team Support

4) Proceed to put the team members name you are supporting in the notes.

5) Fill out remainder of the form and the $$ that you would like to give.

IF you donate this way your donation will be tax receiptable and the $$ will go directly towards the team member's account.

Same process can be used to make donations to the project as well. The house package and furnishing will come to about $6000.

*Please note: If the person you are supporting is unable to go – your gift will go to expenses in kind. Furthermore, any excess support monies will be distributed to other team members and/or team projects in kind. All gifts are receipted. Thanks!


Panago Coupons

We are thankful to have an excellent partnership with a local Panago Store and as a result every team member has an opportunity to sell Panago Coupons to help them raise support for this trip.

Each coupon is $12 and gets you ANY Medium pizza that Panago offers...Or you can build your own (up to 7 Toppings, and oncludes GF options)

Can be used at ANY Panago....valid until March 22, 2017 Pick up or Delivery

Coupons are available at the Church office, or from each team member directly. $4 from the sale of every coupon goes to the team member to help raise support for the trip.