YOUTH (GR.6-12):

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Next Summer Event: Thursday, August 12th from 7-8:30pm: WaterWars at Eden Mennonite Church . Bring any type of water gun or thing you can use to get others wet! Be prepared to GET WET! Bringing a towel is a good idea!

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CCC YOUTH (Gr.6-12) meet Thursday nights at Eden Mennonite Church  from 7-8:30pm for some super fun games, a time to learn about God and living your BEST life following Jesus! We also meet in small goups and serve in our community. We want to follow Jesus, love people, and grow as His followers the best we can! ALL students welcome, no fees (with exception of special events)


What might happen on a youth night? Depending on the night you can expect the following!

Normal Youth Night: We will meet hang out at the church, play in the youth room, play some group games,  have some snacks, have a relevant Bible lesson and teaching time, along with a time to break off with small groups with youth leaders. 

Social Event Nights: These events provide opportunities for the youth to meet new people, connect with their friends/youth leaders, and to have fun!  

Small Group Nights: These are nights with small group leaders where students can connect in a smaller setting.

Service Nights: These are nights designed to know Jesus better by the shared experience of doing something He might do...serving and loving others!