Was hoping the forecast might change but it looks like rain tonight for when we are suppose to be meeting . We will still meet on zoom at some jackbox games and I (pastor Kyle) will be sharing my testimony...basically, why Jesus matters in my life! Hope to see you online tonight!

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Youth Update, April 30th, 2021:

Our “tentative plan” was to start meeting in-person at Eden Mennonite Church on Thursdays starting on May 6th from 7-8:30pm. As of right now, Eden Mennonite Church’s leadership team is not quite comfortable having in-person youth at their building yet with current Covid realities. They said they will re-evaluate after the “circuit breaker” restriction period at the end of May. With that said, we feel like we would like to give Crossroads youth the opportunity to start meeting in-person again and the idea is to start having “youth in the park” until Eden Mennonite Church will start allowing us to use their space when they are comfortable. Eden Mennonite Church will be the home for our crossroads youth ministry for the unforeseeable future, they are excited to partner and bless us with their facility for us to use!. I just received this news yesterday, so I do not have the location and which park we will be meeting at quite yet. But, we will plan to meet at the park from 7-8:30pm on Thursday evenings. We will continue to follow all appropriate safety please wear a mask, prepare to socially distance and do all of the things that we are used to doing all ready now! Please read here for current safety and policies in place We will play some games outside, eat some snacks...maybe go for a slurpee run and hear some testimonies from our leaders!! It will be great to see each other again! Please bring a blanket you can put on the grass to sit on and if the forecast looks like it is going to rain really hard...we will cancel and meet on zoom for that evening again. Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility!! Wowzers, what a year...I am beyond excited to start seeing each other in person again
Parents and students: Please check the youth update email (to sign up contact [email protected]) , the church website ( ), or our social media pages (
for updates in the coming weeks for all of the information needed with all of these changes that can occur.
Pastor Kyle



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CCC YOUTH (Gr.6-12) meet Thursday nights at Eden Mennonite Church (POSTPONED DUE TO COVID) from 7-8:30pm for some super fun games, a time to learn about living your BEST life!, meet in small goups and serve our community. We want to follow Jesus, love people, and grow as His followers the best we can! ALL students welcome, no fees (with exception of special events)


What might happen on a youth night? Depending on the night you can expect the following!

Normal Youth Night: We will meet hang out at the church, play in the youth room, play some group games, have a relevant Bible lesson and teaching time, along with a time to break off with small groups based on age and gender.

Social Event Nights: These events provide opportunities for the youth to meet new people, connect with their friends/youth leaders, and to have fun!  

Small Group Nights: These are nights with small group leaders where students can connect in a smaller setting.

Service Nights: These are nights designed to know Jesus better by the shared experience of doing something He might do...serving and loving others!