Local and Global OUTREACH are partner relationships we choose to be in - as a church - with like-minded people who aim to increase the SHALOM of folks in our city and in our world.

It is our belief that the first acts of evangelism are service and love.  Then we may enter the dialogue of faith and life. We believe that evangelism is a local and global call of God. So, we love Chilliwack and the world as we can through acts of grace, mercy and justice - as best we can with what we can when we can.

Locally - we do this by offering our community seasonal, practical outreach opportunities, ie. Know Your Neighbor Autumn Block Party, Spring Break Kids Day Camp - AND we do this by partnering with organizations that already have existing relationships incommunity and a structure in place to effectively meet needs - organizations like Chilliwack Community Services, Vedder Middle School, Cyrus Centre, Fraser Health, Ruth and Naomi's Mission, and the Salvation Army.

Globally - we have partnered with One Life One Chance Ministries OLOC for the past 9 years to help show God’s love in practical ways to the Baja community of San Quintin. OLOC has been INVESTING IN THE COMMUNITY to BUILD HOMES, and serve the people. 

OLOC works to educate the local pastors and build UNITY. For our team members, travelling to Mexico to serve has been very impactful and LIFE CHANGING

Crossroads Community Church (CCC) works with One Life One Chance International (OLOCI) to support the churches of San Quintin Mexico in their desire to work with each other to share the gospel and to make disciples. Specifically, CCC sends an intergenerational, short-term team to build a house for a family in need of a hand-up, to distribute food and clothing, to co-host a day-camp, and to help out in any way it can.  We think of this as a long-term, short-term relationship: sending teams every year for a short-term to the same place over the long-term.


Crossroads Community Church Mexico 2018 from Crossroads Media on Vimeo.



Check out One Life One Chance International at www.onelifeonechance.ca