We partner with One Life One Chance (OLOC) to bring relief and development in the name of Jesus Christ to the peoples of San Quintin, Mexico.  More information here: https://onelifeonechance.ca/

We have an exciting opportunity to partner with One Life Ministries to build a home in San Quintin! Each year we travel to the Baja Peninsula to support the people in the San Quintin Valley and because we cannot go again this year, in person, we still want to support these families and the volunteers there! Our goal is to raise $8000 and the deadline is going to be May 1, 2021. We have also received some updates from previous homes we have built and how God has used your generosity to reach people with the love of Jesus! PLEASE READ AND CLICK THE DOWNLOAD FILE BELOW FOR ALL OF THE DETAILS AND TO HEAR STORIES FROM OUR PREVIOUS HOUSE BUILDS!